Testing Drug Testing

Considering the approach most contemporary corporations take dealing with their drug testing policy(s). It seems to me to be a system trying to punish employees who test positive rather than trying to stop employees from using drugs. The war on drugs was brought into the workplace, entering through the HR department just like everybody else. What happens when an employee tests positive? Any number of repercussions are possible, more and more corporations are offering help to employees. But the organizations engaging in random testing I think are missing an opportunity.

A different approach:

An employee is notified confidentially, 30 business days prior to the date he will be requiered to be tested. Accompanying the notice would be all pertinent information to drug cessation, drug use, everything available to that employee should he or she need it. The employee then has the next 30 business days to… get clean, and have a period of time to experience the benefits of being clean. The people around them wives, husbands, children would also have the see the positive changes and hopefully would become a active motivating factor in the employee’s recovery. AND the employer gets to keep an employee, a healthier employee. All of this could happen without anyone getting busted, without anyone loosing their jobs, being humiliated. If the employee chose not to clean up then do what you will with them.


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  1. I will admit I had to get drug tested for my job so I’m kind of talking out of both sides of my mouth here: Unless your employer pays you for 24 hours a day, they have no right to tell you what you can or cannot do during your off time. People can go out, get drunk and drive around and then come in to work on Monday like nothing happened, yet if an exemplary employee (which many marijuana smokers I know are) tests positive, they are immediately terminated. See the double standard? If I want to smoke marijuana when I get off work for the day and watch TV or something, I will not have any problems with getting things done the next day. This is why drug testing is 100% wrong. Now I do believe drug testing should be required for some professions, but this is the decision you make by choosing to be a heavy construction crane operator or a semi truck driver. No responsible individual should operate machinery or drive while intoxicated. I would actually prefer them make a test to tell if you are “stoned” at the time, so that urine testing and the like would be discarded for these more accurate to the minute tests.

  2. The states go along with it because the federal government threatens to cut off highway funds. The companies do it because the insurance providers force them to.

    Remember when insurance was optional?

    The drug laws that existed back in the late 60’s and 70’s were actually worse than what we have today. The difference is that they weren’t fanatically enforced like they are now.

    Fanaticism is what it’s all about, isn’t it? I never knew what pot was before I was 16. They didn’t try to indoctrinate 5 and 6 year olds when I was a kid.

    We’re all tired of it, it’s been going on since 1981. Enough is enough, it didn’t work, so try something new.

    Marijuana is certainly not physically addictive, but there are a lot of people who misuse the term, just as they try to call all illegal drugs “narcotics”. Of course when they get you into court the language changes completely, since their propaganda is not actually the law.

    A lot of people don’t know that little fact, and are unwittingly tricked into “plea bargains”. Lie like Hell, they still need physical evidence, so don’t confess.

    Don’t worry, it will all be over soon, and the people behind the drug war will be the ones sitting in the cells, instead of the potheads.

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