The Economy & Natural Law

Something that has occurred to me in the past which I have not put on paper until now is how “The Economy” is just like an Eco-system. My thought was that it might be possible to explain “The Economy” to a Liberal or anyone else who possesses no understanding of the complexity that is our economy which exists balanced precariously upon our population’s desire for the status quot to continue. Not that that statement is unique to any civilization but still something to keep in mind. Natural law exists in capitalism. Natural law IS capitalism. There are a number of ways actually that a healthy capitalist system mirrors nature. There is evolution, migration, extinction, consumption, competition, seasons, droughts, storms, both flourish when undisturbed by outside forces.

The following is an excerpt from a website discussing ballast water management:

Experts believe that, every minute, 40,000 gallons of foreign ballast water contaminate U.S. waters – likely the single largest source of foreign species invading America’s ecosystem. While, on the surface, these species may seem harmless, they wreak havoc on local ecosystems. The natural balance and controls of an ecosystem are usually not equipped to deal with these invasive species. The result of a successful foreign species invasion in an ecosystem can be devastating to local economies and, because large volumes of dangerous bacteria and viruses have been found in ballast water, it also can be a serious threat to human health.

You know I was going to illustrate my point showing how the introductions of bacteria, fish, whatever, stresses and can destroy an ecosystem. And that is a great idea but I think I can make the same point by drawing the following analogy (then y’all can contemplate the broader comparison). Look at the “Financial Markets” as a pond. Everything is going along fine. You have the fish, bugs, the odd visiting bear, moose whatever. Then one day a beaver (the Community Reinvestment Act) moves in. No big deal just doing beaver stuff the pond was actually getting bigger and looking good. Then a logger dropped by and gave the beaver a bull dozer. That beaver ran all over the wilderness building dams for any beaver with even the smallest of streams. It was a mess! The forest was becoming flooded. Beavers had dams that were too big for them to care for. As the dams fell into disrepair it began to rain (job losses, economic stress). The results were huge flash floods… yada yada yada.

You get the idea. I’m going to go ahead and post this to see if anyone has thoughts. I’ll pick it up and finish the  thought after this beautifull Saterday goes by.

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Homosexuality and Religion

OK, not that there is anything “wrong” with being gay… The way I see the question if being gay and whether or not the lifestyle can be consistent with being a Christan is fairly simple. First, there is no reason a Christian should have any problem with a homosexual person. The issue is with homosexuality, love the sinner – hate the sin. That out of the way now go read Romans 1, I’ll wait….

OK. If there is any question after that. I’ll repeat the argument I have heard the most which is – homosexuality is not a choice, people are born gay or straight. Alright, well, people are born with all sorts of self destructive impulses. I was born with a very addictive personality. Lots of substance abuse and alcoholism in my family’s history. So far though I have not found anyone that has told me to embrace and feed my addictive desires. But I was born this way! Why should I not be free to pursue all the alcohol and drugs I can consume? Yet that is exactly how homosexuality is treated.

As for gay marriage… What ever happened to the separation of Church and state? How can the same group of individuals who run around screaming about nativity scenes and other religious references in public places turn around and try to use the power of the state to force Christians to accept, condone and endorse their lifestyle? Particularly when in the Bible (Romans 1) it expressly condemns not only the people who engage in this type of sin but also those Christians that approve of these things.

I believe civil unions should grant gay couples every privilege and penalty that is afforded to straight couples they pay taxes like everybody else excluding of course most of the current administration.

So guess what. Life isn’t fair. Not everybody is created equal. Some people have more to deal with than others. Suck it up and live right!

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