Great Charts from Heritage

If a picture is worth a thousand words a good view graph has to be worth at least 372 words. Here are three view graphs worth an estimates 1,116 words. Total of course.

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Bringing Both Sides Together…

Remembering conversations I had with B.O. supporters before the election, one of the traits (since there were no accomplishments to speak of) they would like to site was that of a great mediator. On and on, without any specifics of course, about how B.O. is able to sit everyone down at a table and hash out a miraculous consensus among vehement adversaries. Now flash forward to today, day before yesterday actually. Exactly how many Republicans voted for the bail-out bill? WHAT!?

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Bump on a Blog!

Ok, thanks for that great intro! Here we go on the blog venture. Completely new to blogging and not having written anything for a good long while this should be painful for anyone who takes the 5 minutes to read my thoughts on politics, parenting and or religion. But that is what I intend to cover. Lookin forward to it!

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