Thomas Jefferson… Brilliance

My sister forwarded an email to me the other containing a selection of quotes from Thomas Jefferson. Really great examples of the timelessness of applied logic and wisdom. But, I never believe anything that is forwarded to me so I thought I would do some reading. I found on the a resource through the University of Virginia Website that I decided was pretty credible. The following quotes deserve to be shared;

  • “I fear, from the experience of the last twenty-five years, that morals do not of necessity advance hand in hand with the sciences.” –Thomas Jefferson to M. Correa de Serra, 1815. ME 14:331
  • “The nation who [has] never admitted a chapter of morality into her political code,… [will] boldly [avow] that whatever power [she] can make hers is hers of right.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Langdon, 1810. (*) ME 12:375
  • “I may further say that I have not observed men’s honesty to increase with their riches.” –Thomas Jefferson to Jeremiah Moor, 1800. FE 7:454
    • I would exchange men’s with political entity, be it a politician, office or agency.
  • “The sheep are happier of themselves than under the care of the wolves.” –Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XI, 1782. ME 2:129

Those are just a few. Look up Thomas Jefferson. Comment a quote.


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Whose Stimulus?

I haven’t read the stimulus bill, don’t care to. Some thoughts on the situation as a distracted observer. They voted in B.O. because he is a great leader – he is leading nothing. Why in the hell would he let anyone else be the architect of the economy’s recovery. B.O. is saying pass this or ALL may be lost!? All what?

Most people in this country who are employed work in the private sector. Leave more money in the private sector (lower taxes and less costly regulation) and there will be more money to pay salaries.

If you “stimulate” a business with a large investment without a viable business plan to sustain itself that business is going to need to be stimulated again and again, each time there will be more employees counting on that “stimulus” check.

In the private sector businesses do not grow (gain employees) artificially. If the business can not support or sustain an employee that business does not hire. If the business is successful, jobs are created and the economy grows naturally.

Whatever, just some thoughts that keep rattling around in my head. Don’t people see this? Why does anyone think more government is better? If we use up all our dollars and max out our credit what will we do when/if a real disaster/war hits us?

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